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Thursday, June 11, 2009

plans for the summer

I was looking at some of my friends blogs and thought that I should update mine, There was some difficulty with deciding what to write about so I thought I could tell you a bit about what I'm doing this summer

I am leaving for the united states on the 13Th, I will be staying in my old house in San Antonio Texas. I'm not sure what I'm going to do first but I know that I might be going to Montana, I am hoping that My father and I will take a week and drive around Texas to some of the best roller coaster parks there so if that works out I will be spending 3-4 days planning the best way around Texas for the shortest travel times.
On some date I will be going to Dallas with my dad's tennis team for the Texas champion chip, I have been following the teams in Texas to assist the team. For the 4Th of July I will be going to Austin to see my family and see all my little cousins for the first time in a year or so. I am not sure what is planned for the rest of the time but I am going to make lots of room for my guitar and friends who I have missed a lot so. That is pretty much my whole summers plan so I hope you all enjoy your summer holiday while I enjoy mine, Until next time. Nick.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oz,The final frontier

Hi everyone! Once again I have come back to tell you more about whats going on right now in my life.

I have been working all week at a theater named pero´s teater and I have been the guitarist in my schools play Oz,The final frontier.
It is just about the same thing as "The wizard of oz" only in the future and all I really wanted to do is give you all the link to it so here it is and I would like to thank all the people in this play that made it amazing!!! http://www.pero.se/forestallningar/gast/oz.html
have a good time until my next post. 
Nick A, Miller

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have put a add up on my site please click on it once and a while even if its somthing you dont like i earn renevue from ppl clicking on it so please help me earn a couple of dollars

My Old Friends

I have seen that many of my old friends have been making facebook pages and blogs etc and think it is cool to see them again but at the same time kind of dull because im seeing pics of them and not hearing their voices and I´d rather see them IRL (In Real Life) Then online Still fun to see what they look like now none the less

Heres a challenge for you ppl reading my blog look and see if you can find your old friends from high school or college on facebook or myspace it´s fun please leave a comment if you find somone you knew in the past.Lets see how many comments i get.

SWE version
Jag har sett att många av mina gamla kompisar har gjort facebook sidor och bloggar o.sv och tycker att det är kul att se de ingen men samtidigt lite små tråkigt för att jag får bara se bilder på sem och inte prata med de i verkligheten och jag skulle hellre se de i verkligheten men kul fortfarande att se hur de ser ut i alla fall.
här är en utmaning för er,Kolla upp dina gamla kompisar från högstadet eller universitet påå facebook eller myspace,Det är kul.Om du hittar nån som du kände för ut i tiden lämna en "comment" så får vi se hur många personer lämnar en komment
i now leave you all with my internet bunny!
() ()

From: Nick A. Miller 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Puppy of the day!

I have recently discovered a new game named Puppy of the day,It´s at the bottom of my page just scroll all the way down and you will see todays cute puppys.

I added this game because I have grown up around animal and am especialy found of dogs.I can hardly hold restraint against my self to ask if I can pet a cute dog on the sub way.
Therefor i declare "Puppy of the day!" My first game.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Annoying stuff about the world.

You know somthing is starting to bug me about the world now-a-days. The fact that all our lives depend on the internet.We use it to do our jobs, To check our mail,To talk to oneanother, and to even just read the news and it´s getting very stupid if I do say so myself,Id go outside if it wasn´t too cold and if i had somone to hangout with.
If we put much more faith into micro chips and electronics we will loose everything we hold dear family contact hanging out with our friends drinking a freakin beer keep this stuff in mind next time you want a cd dont order it go out and get it.
I have decided to post stuff all the stuff that i think are wrong with society and humanity as i think of it for now i will leave you with this. Go out jogging after you read this,Or if it´s nightime or 3 Am either go to bed read a book take a bath just leave your electronics alone for 1 hour or so.

Weekend plans.

I have currently noticed that I have been doing the same stuff every weekend, Playing World Of Warcraft, Relaxing in my bed while watching tv and playing my guitar.
It has always made me wonder if people all do the same things. I am going to be messing around with my blog and things like that and I am very happy over that. I know that this post is random but I said that i would write about my life and what my plans are and these things are my plans.
Thank you for reading this post,Hope you read my next.
Bye! And have a good weekend!

Rock Lesson

I have recently had my first death metal class by Zack. We learned a song named March of the Swinging Axe. It was a great first lesson. This is Zack, my guitar teacher, on the right. Welcome to my blog